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4.6 ( 8416 ratings )
게임 엔터테인먼트 아케이드 퀴즈
개발자: Lars Bergelt
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The human reaction time to a sudden unexpected event would be about one second - the so-called second of shock.
But it is possible to reduce this time by training.

Test your reaction time and train yourself with TabReaction.
Tap away the colors or numbers with one or with several fingers as fast you can.
How much fields can you click in 30 seconds?

You can choose the size of the board and as well as the playing time.

The Game:

Three different ways to test your reaction skills (Color-, Number- und Timemode).

Game Options:

- select the number of fields or strokes
- Sound On/Off
- Highscorelist for alle 3 play-modes
- GameCenter support